Principals Welcome


Cheryle Osborne


Aspendale Gardens has an inviting and friendly atmosphere where parents, staff and students work together to nurture the love of learning. A strong focus on positive, respectful and supportive relationships between all members of our school community is a high priority and at the centre of everything we do.

At Aspendale Gardens Primary School we aim to provide an outstanding teaching and learning program designed around personalisation and inquiry learning. It is our intention to stimulate and challenge our students to enable them to reach their full potential as individuals, members of our community and as citizens of the world.  We have an inclusive environment where students are challenged and supported to be the best that they can be, with learning at the centre of everything we do.  At Aspendale Gardens we value the education of all our students and it is our priority to develop a mutually supportive partnership between students, parents and the school. We realise that the development of self-esteem and confidence is fundamental to each student’s personal, social and academic growth.

Our program of personalised learning is complemented by specialist programmes as well as co-curricular activities to allow every student to experience a diverse and stimulating education. Our specialist programs are in Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Physical Education. We have Mandarin as our Language Other Than English which is taught from prep to year 6.  This is complemented by our accreditation as a “Confucius Classroom” school. This has enabled us to establish partnerships with China to develop a wider perspective of the world for our students. We also have a sister school in Nanjing, Yofu West Street, China, where students from Yofu West Street have visited us over the past two years and a group of our students will be visiting Yofu West Street in September this year. These partnerships mean that our students and staff have access to a broader range of learning opportunities well beyond the school. Through the power of Information and Communication Technologies we are able maintain and further build these partnerships. This is a very exciting part of our school program and one that promotes globalization amongst our students.

Another opportunity we provide to enhance the education for our students is the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden program. We have a fully qualified chef and a qualified garden specialist who provide an outstanding cooking and gardening program for our students. The students enjoy a comprehensive instrumental music teaching program which includes violin, drums, keyboard and guitar. We also have a school band and a Chinese instrumental band. We have a camping program from years 2 to 6 with year 2 having a sleepover at school in preparation for a two night camp in year 3.

Aspendale Gardens students are encouraged to be confident, resourceful and resilient individuals. 

We value:

Relationships - Being inclusive of others, by valuing diversity and always trying to make a positive difference to others

Respect - Showing a high regard for self, others and property by acting with care and compassion

Resilience - Being optimistic, demonstrating perseverance, keeping things in perspective and management of self with empathy for others

Honesty - Speaking the truth at all times, handing in belongings that don't belong to us and taking responsibility for our actions

Motivation - Trying our best at all times, encouraging others, not giving up and taking risks with our learning

Friendliness - Being a wonderful friend, cheering them on, sharing, being inclusive and kind

Empathy - Listening to the opinion of others, accepting diversity and showing understanding of the different worlds people may come from

Responsibility - Being accountable for one’s own actions, and understanding the impact they have on others and the environment

Reflection - Thinking about what has happened and learning from the experience

We believe that happiness and a sense of connectedness are vital for the development of confident and successful individuals. We recognise the need for our students to learn about themselves and others and to build resilience through programs such as 'You Can Do It', Kimochis and Restorative Practices which provide for student voice via Circle Time.

We are educating our students for the future, to thrive and contribute in an ever changing global community. A strong sense of belonging is fundamental to fostering a safe, purposeful and inclusive learning environment in which learning is accessible to everyone. We have a whole school approach to student wellbeing and use Restorative Practices to address inappropriate behaviour and facilitate dialogue and discussion to right the wrong. This is supported through explicit teaching of positive behaviours. With the enrolment of your child we look forward to the beginning of a long and happy association with your family. Our school reflects the vibrant, ever changing nature of education, giving opportunities for self-expression and equipping each student effectively to be a 21st Century learner. 

A major strength Aspendale Garden enjoys every day is its positive, supportive and happy school culture, the basis for successful student learning.