School Council

School Council is the major governing body of the school. It comprises elected parents and DEECD staff whom, as representatives of the school community, meet throughout the year, to decide future directions for the school and oversee operations.

School Council operates a committee structure and membership comprises School Councillors, Staff and other interested parents. They meet regularly to make recommendations to School Council.

The committees are Finance, Resources, Parent Engagement, Community Garden and Fundraising.  School Council positions are occupied for two-years at a time and every year, elections are held early in the year. School Council may co-opt a community member.

We have a twelve member Council with four staff, which includes the Principal.

Members of the 2017 Council:

Parents -Steve Turner (President), Melinda Freestone (Vice President), Matthew Hill (Treasurer), Mark Heenan, Jamie Sweatman, Adam Maltman, Jamie Honan, Nicole Riley (Community)

Staff – Cheryle Osborne, Kelly Cornelius, Jonathan Baker, Helenor Regester

Role of School Council  – Councillors convene or are members of Council Committees. These Committees comprise members of School Council, community and staff members.

Council is responsible for:

  • developing and monitoring the school strategic plan
  • developing the education policy
  • recommending appointment of school principal
  • employment of non-teaching staff
  • developing a student code of conduct
  • reporting to the school community and DE&T
  • financial management of school funds and accounts
  • contracting for the cleaning of the school
  • contracting for undertaking of construction work
  • preparing operational plans for future directions