LOTE (Language other than English)

Mandarin as our Language Other Than English (LOTE) which is taught from Foundation through to Grade 6.

This program is complemented by our accreditation as a “Confucius Classroom” school. We have established strong partnerships with China to develop a wider perspective of the world for our students.

Our sister school, Yofu West Street, is in Nanjing. We have an annual trip for a group of senior students to visit our sister school in Nanjing and we reciprocate their hospitality from Yofu West Street by hosting them for a week. These partnerships allow our students and staff to have access to a broader range of learning opportunities well beyond the school.

Through the power of our Information and Communication Technologies we are able to maintain and further foster our relationships by ‘Skyping’ the students from our sister school. This is a very exciting part of our school program and one that promotes globalisation and cultural learning amongst our students.

We enjoy the expertise and experience from our intern from China every year who is billeted with our incredibly generous school community. Each intern brings authentic Chinese culture to our school, something the students find both fascinating and educational.