School Profile

Surrounded by the beautiful bayside wetlands, Aspendale Gardens Primary School is a large primary school in the South Eastern Victorian Region (SEVR) with a current enrolment of 650 students.  The multi-cultural nature of the school is a great asset, enriching the educational experiences of all students. Currently employed at the school are 42 teaching staff and 17 Education Support staff with varying time fractions.

Our school is located on spacious well maintained grounds with 29 classrooms along with two Art rooms, Library, Information Technology area, two Performing Arts rooms, a gymnasium with full sized indoor basketball court, Friendship room, Kitchen/Dining room and Language Other Than English (LOTE) – Mandarin room.  Our school grounds are extensive and contain a safe junior and senior playground, sandpit and large open playing field.  An outstanding aspect of the school is the school vegetable garden which is extensive. The Kitchen Garden program employs a Horticultural Specialist and a Food Technician, who educate students on the value of growing, harvesting and cooking their own produce. There are also quiet areas scattered throughout the courtyard and surrounds. The Before and After School Care program has its own designated area and is co-operated by Camp Australia.

Aspendale Gardens Primary School staff are dedicated and committed to developing a learning environment which maximises the overall educational needs of students.  The school encourages team planning and shared experiences across year levels.  There are also curriculum planning and development professional learning teams. Specialist teaching is provided in Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education which includes the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for Foundation students and our Language Other Than English (LOTE) taught is Chinese Mandarin

Teams take on the leadership of special events including the bi-annual carnival and whole school production, Science Fair and Art Expo.  Our school regularly supports charities and events to provide learning and understanding of the wide world around us along with our local community.  Our school community also assists a school and orphanage in Cambodia with annual fundraising events.  We enjoy a fruitful relationship with our sister school in Nanjing, China where students participate annually in an exchange program.  Aspendale Gardens Primary School has recently formed another sister school relationship with Yangzhou Yucai Primary School.  Students, teachers and the wider community are enriched by these cultural experiences.

Aspendale Gardens Primary School participates in the Marine Ambassadors program which engages the school community in Marine Education and Conservation.  Our 2014 School Captain was awarded the title of Kingston Junior Mayor. The 27 schools in the Kingston Local Government Area (LGA) competed for this sought after title.  The Junior Mayor is required to attend functions in the Kingston Municipality. Our extensive Leadership Program provides opportunities for many senior students to take on a variety of roles. We have two Junior School Councils, a Senior and a Junior with each consisting of 16 students with two elected from each class.

Students are able to receive one on one or group music tuition in the areas of singing, dance, violin, keyboard, guitar and drums.  All students have the opportunity to participate in an intensive swimming program and a broad excursion/ incursion and school camping program.  There are many and varied lunchtime activities including chess, drama, dance and choir.

Our school has a very active parent community.  Many parents support the school through involvement in classroom programs, fundraising, sports activities, camps and excursions, kitchen/garden and numerous other activities.

In 2013 we introduced the Daily 5/Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expansion of vocabulary (CAFE) program.  Numeracy has also shown improvement due to the common approach being implemented across the school.  Recording of assessment across all curriculum areas with the introduction of Student Performance Analyser (SPA) has enabled all staff to monitor and track individuals or groups of students.

In 2013, the school introduced a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, being iPads in Year 4–Year 6.  The program has been extremely successful.  The use of Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms, iPads whenever possible, and the IT area, allows students to access information quickly at all times.  The school has upgraded its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure which makes our school first class in this area.  All classes are straight grades aligned with the Australian Curriculum. 

Student Wellbeing is an important focus and all teachers are trained in Restorative Practices.  The school values are Respect, Honesty, Empathy, Friendliness, Motivation and Resilience which impact on everyday behaviour.   Additional literacy support is offered when required via our PALS (Providing Additional Literacy Support) program, Mathletes is offered for the highly talented Mathematics students and a number of other support and extension programs are available.

The school aims to provide a teaching and learning program of the highest quality.  A positive approach to student management and the development of positive relationships within the school community is a critical part of its philosophy.

Aspendale Gardens Primary School is a large urban primary school which provides a quality educational program for a largely middle class student population in the attractive bayside area of Aspendale Gardens.