We are extremely proud of our School Captain Naveen, who won the 2014 ‘Kingston Council Junior Mayor’ Competition. Naveen presented a brilliant speech to a very large audience about resilience. We certainly congratulate Naveen on this incredible achievement.


Leadership is more than a title—it is the ability to recognise an opportunity or challenge and seize it. Therefore Leadership begins in the Foundation Year, where students have the opportunity to take on responsibilities within the classroom and lead their peers in learning activities.

This develops as the students progress through the school and more formalised Leadership positions are made available. Our Grade 6 students write speeches as part of their application to become leaders within the school. We have 38 students who have leadership roles as School Captains, House Captains, Sports, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Environment and LOTE Leaders.

Grade 6 students are also involved in the Marine Ambassadors program, caring for our local marine environment and teaching younger students how they can help protect and sustain our environment. These leaders have a great impact on our school and undertake a range of initiatives throughout the school designed to inform, involve and educate their student peers about the importance of looking after our environment, particularly our waterways.