Aspendale Gardens students are encouraged to be confident, resourceful and resilient individuals. We value:

Relationships – Being inclusive of others, by valuing diversity and always trying to make a positive difference to others

Respect – Showing a high regard for self, others and property by acting with care and compassion

Resilience – Being optimistic, demonstrating perseverance, keeping things in perspective and management of self with empathy for others

Honesty – Speaking the truth at all times, handing in belongings that don’t belong to us and taking responsibility for our actions

Motivation – Trying our best at all times, encouraging others, not giving up and taking risks with our learning

Friendliness – Being a wonderful friend, cheering them on, sharing, being inclusive and kind

Empathy – Listening to the opinion of others, accepting diversity and showing understanding of the different worlds people may come from

Responsibility – Being accountable for one’s own actions, and understanding the impact they have on others and the environment

Reflection – Thinking about what has happened and learning from the experience